Hello to everyone out there in the Boardgame world! Kerren here with your weekly blog update! Apologies for the lateness, we had some little kobolds get into our systems and started wreaking all kinds of havoc! However, I have been able to fight the good fight and we now have control back! It’s been a busy old week for us with the release of our Exploding Kittens videos, editing of our Santorini video, and recording of our podcast plus the new recording of our next…Continue Reading “A wizard arrives precisely when he means too”

Hello folks! Kerren here with your weekly update to the workings of the HFON team! We’ve had an absolutely fantastic week with a lot of new people met as well as adding a lot of things to our timeline of things to do! It’s going to start getting very busy, very quickly as this year goes on and we cannot wait to show you some of the things that we have planned. The big news this week is the GAMA Trade Show that is happening…Continue Reading “Post-Con Blues? Who needs ’em!”

Greetings again from us at the Heads Full of Nothing team! Kerren here, just giving a little bit of an update on what’s been happening at our tables as well as the news from across the tabletop community! It’s been a busy period for us in regards to getting everything set up and making sure that we are giving you the best table top gaming with a twist that we can offer. Some of the games we’ve been playing will be familiar to some of…Continue Reading “Drawing from the Deck”

Hey guys and gals and welcome to the first ever blog post from Heads Full of Nothing! I know, I know, there are many questions that you guys have for us and it would be rude for me to not answer them. First off, the basics. My name is Kerren and I’m the host of Heads Full of Nothing on Youtube and the man that’s usually in control of the camera on our social media pages (Which you can find in the links below!). However,…Continue Reading “Welcome to the table.”