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Hey guys and gals and welcome to the first ever blog post from Heads Full of Nothing! I know, I know, there are many questions that you guys have for us and it would be rude for me to not answer them. First off, the basics. My name is Kerren and I’m the host of Heads Full of Nothing on Youtube and the man that’s usually in control of the camera on our social media pages (Which you can find in the links below!). However, I am joined by a VERY capable team of fellow geeks and nerds, who are in no particular order; Martin, Johnny, Monica, and Roma. Together, we are here to bring back the fun side of Table Top gaming as well as engaging you guys with it as well.

Whilst we are the Heads Full of Nothing, we also have some of the brains behind the table making company GeekNSon. However, don’t worry in thinking this is an advertising thing. Our sole purpose with this team is to get the fun and friendly side of Table Top gaming out into you guys: our fellow geeks and gamers. Which brings me to our name. Heads Full of Nothing. The whole reason that we chose this name is because our knowledge of games and Table Top in general is extensive, it’s you guys that really make this whole thing fun for us. We want to engage you guys and really get involved with the stuff that we do. You’ll be able to chose which games we play or even give us ideas on how to add twists to the games that already exist. So in reality, we may have the knowledge of quite a few things, but with all of you combined our heads are filled with nothing in comparison.

We have a LOT of things planned for the coming few months, Including podcasts, weekly blogs and fortnightly videos over on our Youtube channel. Not only this, but you’ll be able to catch us at a variety of Conventions throughout 2017. Watch this space for more announcements in the mean time!

I just want to finish by saying the future is indeed bright for Table Top gaming, and we want to be the ones leading that charge into the great golden future for us all! If you have any questions or want to get to know us better, please feel free to drop by the Facebook page and the rest of our social media accounts. We’ll be waiting at the table for you!

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