Post-Con Blues? Who needs ’em!

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Hello folks! Kerren here with your weekly update to the workings of the HFON team! We’ve had an absolutely fantastic week with a lot of new people met as well as adding a lot of things to our timeline of things to do! It’s going to start getting very busy, very quickly as this year goes on and we cannot wait to show you some of the things that we have planned.

The big news this week is the GAMA Trade Show that is happening right now in Las Vegas. It’s running until the 17th of March, so there’s going to plenty of news coming out of Vegas in the next few days. We’ve already had some HUGE news in that Eric M. Lang has moved into a role at CMON as Director of Game Design. Having already worked together on Blood Rage and the upcoming Rising Sun, this is going to be causing waves for quite a long time. CMON didn’t stop there though, with the announcement of A Song of Ice and Fire boardgame, obviously based on the Novels by George R.R. Martin. CMON have hit the ground running at GAMA and don’t look like slowing down!

Other news is the announcement of Portal Games new boardgame being Detective: A Modern Crime. This is still a long way out but it looks to be a very interesting version of the deduction genre and one that I cannot wait to see a little bit more of in detail. There are plenty of big companies that have yet to really “show off” at GAMA, with plenty of time left yet to do it. BGG will be having Livestreams of various developers across the show and Dice Tower will also be streaming live from GAMA. We look forward to seeing what more exciting news we will see!

Even though GAMA is happening now, we spent a fantastic weekend over in Harrogate for Airecon 2017! All I can say is wow, especially considering that 18 months ago, the first Airecon took place in a house with 25 attendees. This year, we were in Hall D of the Harrogate International Centre with just over 1300 people over the weekend. So as you can see, the expo has just gone from strength to strength and will be growing even bigger next year!

Gaming area at Airecon 2017

To say that the convention was a success is an understatement. From the amount of people that were playtesting new games that will be coming out this year to the Bring and Buy sale, it was great fun across the board. From our point of view as well, we got to see some brilliant new games developing as well as finding new games to show on the channel, some of which may be coming sooner rather than later. For myself personally though, the cherry on the top was Defection. This new tile-turner from Thunder Vaults games had a great thematic presence and played like an absolute treat. We cannot wait to see a close to finished product in the near future as well as seeing them at the UK Games Expo!

James from Thunder Vaults games.

With plenty of news coming from both GAMA and Airecon, we have a very buys week ahead of us! This Friday will see the release of the Shooting Kittens videos, of which the teaser has already been released! You’ll finally be able to see the carnage that occurred when trying to mix drinking with a card game. Also, we’ll be recording our podcast that will be up at the end of the month will feature a lot of fantastic content for your ears to indulge in! On top of all this, we also have a new video that will be filmed so you’ll and see more from that in the coming few days. It’s going to be a hot one so keep an eye out for it!

In the meantime, we hope you all keep on playing and we’ll see you all at the table!

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