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Hello to everyone out there in the Boardgame world! Kerren here with your weekly blog update! Apologies for the lateness, we had some little kobolds get into our systems and started wreaking all kinds of havoc! However, I have been able to fight the good fight and we now have control back! It’s been a busy old week for us with the release of our Exploding Kittens videos, editing of our Santorini video, and recording of our podcast plus the new recording of our next video!

With the release of our first set of videos, it’s time to see how you guys feel about them! Feel free to let us know anything that we can change, anything that we did well, and anything you’d like to see played on the table! We’re excited to see how you guys feel about them and we cannot wait to send out some more for you folks!

A Song of Ice and Fire

Last week we saw GAMA come through and completely change the face of the Boardgame industry with having Eric Lang announced as the Director of Game Design at CMON as well as the announcement of the Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game. The buzz that this caused has been felt all throughout the industry and the fans as well. For one, I’m looking forward to seeing where this game goes as I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones and look forward to seeing what happens with this game going forward. The options to add-on extra factions and characters is immense, so the future looks very bright for this game currently.

There’s far too much to talk about from GAMA in one blog post this week, but please take a look and see the news that’s come out of GAMA as it’s very exciting. Not only that, but it’s an exciting time here at Heads Full of nothing as we start bringing out videos and we have a lot of plans for the future for you guys! With all of this, it’s a very good time to be a Boardgamer and we’ll see you guys at the table!

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